What is the MyBuick App?

MyBuick App | George Gee Buick GMC

If you’re driving a recent Buick model, you have probably heard of the MyBuick App. However, if you’re not familiar with this feature you may not know about all of the convenient features it offers. Here we’ll give you a brief explanation of the MyBuick App and what it does.

Remote Vehicle Control

When owners of compatible vehicles have downloaded the MyBuick App, they can use the app to control their Buick vehicle remotely. The app can be used to lock and unlock doors, or to start the engine.

Vehicle Information and Service Reminders

The MyBuick App is also a tool that owners can use to keep track of their Buick vehicle’s fuel and fluid levels, tire pressure, and service needs. Owners can check out all of this information from their phone, and can even use the app to schedule service at a dealership.

Vehicle Location

Owners can use the app to flash their lights and honk their horn remotely when they need help finding their Buick in a parking lot. The app also includes a vehicle locate function, and lets owners share the location with friends and family.

Smart Driver Function

The Smart Driver Function in the app is used to monitor driving habits, and will give owners advice on how to become a safer driver. This element of the app could also be used to receive discounts on car insurance. 

Contact us at George Gee Buick GMC if you have any other questions about using MyBuick App, or syncing it with your smartphone. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your Buick vehicle.

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