GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate System: Making Life Simpler

GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate System
GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate System

The GMC Sierra 1500 is well-equipped with intelligent features to make work easier than ever, including the next-generation MultiPro Tailgate system. This tailgate is more than it might seem, as it comes with a multi-purpose design to function in a variety of ways. In fact, a new ad for the GMC Sierra 1500 MultiPro Tailgate shows both passersby and tailgates “dropping their jaws” in astonishment at the new design.

According to GMC, there are seven smart ways to use the next-generation MultiPro Tailgate. It is essentially two tailgates in one, including a primary gate that is hinged at its base, as well as a smaller inner gate that’s hinged to the primary gate itself.

“We exhaustively test every tailgate on our trucks, but we went even further with MultiPro,” said Derek Patterson, an engineer on the GMC MultiPro design team. “All told, we wanted MultiPro to be as durable and professional grade as the Next Generation Sierra itself.”

The MultiPro gate can work as a primary gate like any other tailgate, but it has a few other functions. For instance, it can work as a gate load stop to prevent materials from sliding out even when the primary gate is down. The Easy Access configuration lets you access the bed more easily by lowering the inner gate, and a full-width step configuration lets you use the inner gate to step up into the bed.

There’s also an inner gate load stop so you can fit awkward cargo in the bed more easily while still keeping it secure, and an inner gate working surface gives you a virtual work bench at a convenient height. There’s even an available Kicker MultiPro Sound System.

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